Almost nine year ago, East Coast natives Jaime and Matt were married on the beach at La Jolla Cove. The location where they said their vows became the location for their first family photo shoot with their precious little girl, Baby D, who they welcomed to the world three months ago. 

When I asked Matt what had surprised him most about being a Dad, he frankly answered me with, "The poop. It's unbelievable."  I'll spare you the details he shared, but I guarantee you he wipes Baby D's poop with complete love and adornment. Jaime, Mom extraordinaire, also adores everything about Baby D: her little feet, her little hands, and her sweet smile are irresistible!

Jaime and Matt, thank you for asking me to document your very first family photo shoot; I'm completely honored and consider myself very lucky to have met you both almost one year ago as a newbie to San Diego. Cheers to many more photos of you as a family! -E