Having launched the first annual Sriracha Festival in Los Angeles in 2013, The Sriracha Cookbook and FOOD GPS brought the Sriracha love to San Diego, and lucky me, I was brought in to photograph the variety of Sriracha themed dishes and drinks with Liberty Station as my backdrop! A sampling of the photos I took are below.

[Above] The Bellows' team preparing their Sriracha-cured grilled cobia with sambal-spice couscous, labne cream, and herbs, and [below] the final product.

See those burgers being cooked below? Those are Slater 50/50's signature 50% ground bacon, 50% ground beef patties! For the festival, the created the Sriracha Burger: Sriracha spiced patty topped with pepper jack cheese, chargrilled yellow onion, Sriracha sauteed Mushrooms, Sriracha glazed bacon, Sriracha garlic cole slaw, Sriracha mayo and (more!) Sriracha on Brioche Bun.

[Below] The Tractor Room showcased braised wild boar sliders with goat cheese sour cream, caramelized onions and Sriracha BBQ Sauce.

[Below] WOW WOW Waffle wowed us (no pun intended!) with li├Ęge waffle bites topped with avocado, roasted chicken and Sriracha.

Because you can never have too much Sriracha sauce on your waffle!

[Above] Because you can never have too much Sriracha on your waffle!

[Below] Burbank's own Quenelle served Kecap Manis ice cream bar with slack sesame streusel, brown butter emulsion and Sriracha gastrique.

[Below] The Patio's powdered Sriracha-crusted seared ono with sea bean slaw and plum chutney.

[Below] The gentleman behind Los Angeles Ale Works serving craft soda, including a sparkling Thai iced tea [bottom right].

[Below] Portola Coffee Lab served up some of their traditional iced coffees and lattes, a great way to quench my thirst after tons of Sriracha! 

[Below] Thank you Brothers Provisions for combing three amazing items - Sriracha, beer, and cheese - into one, and then making a slider with it!

Sriracha Festival San Diego-39.jpg

[Below] SuperNatural Sandwiches was frying shrimp behind their tent to ensure their crispy Sriracha shrimp sliders with Sriracha chive aioli, with house made green Sriracha and Sriracha salt were super fresh!

[Below] Bartender Jason Bran was on site mixing 'Some Like it Hot' a combination  of Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila, pineapple, mango, lime, and Sriracha.

Sriracha Festival San Diego-104.jpg

[Below] Churros el Tigre fried their delicious churros on location and accompanied them with chocolate sauce and dulce de leche with a hint of Sriracha.