Feliz cumpleanos, Frida! This week marks Frida Khalo's 111th birthday and what better way to celebrate her than with a Frida Khalo themed, private dinner party hosted by Elexia and her team from San Diego based Artelexia! Combining vibrant, bold colors, textures, and patterns and hosted at a secret location in San Diego, Elexia paid great attention to every table scape detail, including vintage dish ware and tins, hand selected florals and candles galore to set the tone of the intimate event with Frida touches everywhere.

Give me a gorgeous tablescape with well thought out details, and I'm happy. Give me said table combined with amazing food, drink, and people coming together for an evening of celebrations, and you make my heart flutter! Serve Oaxacan queso, tamales, chocolate, and paletas - because I love Oaxacan everything - and I'm in heaven! This event was an absolute dream to photograph and be a part of! Thank you Elexia and team for being phenomenal hosts! - Un abrazo, Evelyn

Look at 'Baby Frida' below! The cutest portrait I've ever seen :)

Queso fresco, queso ramonetti, FRESH tortilla chips, three kinds of salsas, guacamole, and Oaxacan chocolate. I mean, include emoji-heart-eyes! I could have simply eaten this as a meal!