When Berenice, aka Bere, met David, she instantly liked him, and as their relationship progressed, she came to find out that David possessed every quality in a guy she had ever wanted. David on the other hand, more than liked Bere: he knew from the get go that she was THE ONE, often telling her, "You know we're gonna get married one day, right?" Bere would shrug it off but knew he was right when she accepted his proposal a little less than a year into dating.

Both Los Angeles natives who currently reside there, Bere and David came to San Diego for a weekend getaway and to have their engagement photos shot. When I asked them what they liked to do as a couple, Bere immediately said, "We like to grab coffee or drinks" so we met downtown for ice cold lemonades for Part 1 of 2 of their engagement session.

I mean, come on now: Bere and David, you two are gorgeous!

I loved hanging out with these two because they are always making the other laugh!

Per above, David has no shame in his game: he will do anything to make Berenice happy.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of their engagement session!