You know that sound of a record scratch when a DJ is about to switch the beat up? That's the noise that runs through my mind as I write this: I, Evelyn, am a wedding and event photographer, but when something a slightly different but still so much fun comes my way, I always say yes!

Insert DJ scratch here: I'm switching up from weddings for a quick second to showcase my friends over at Hotwire! Their Southern California team are an amazing crew of professionals who embody the brand by sporting lots of red in their everyday wardrobe and by living 'slightly adventurously' via their own travels. This group asked me to photograph them as a team and I was thrilled to oblige given our mutual interest in travel and their enthusiasm to be in front of the camera. 

Jigger, Mayra, Dustin, and Briana, you not only crack me up with your street strutting, you impress me with your everyday work ethics and drive! xo, Evelyn