Sage and Tad, both students at Brigham Young University, shared classes and lived in the same apartment complex before realizing they wanted to be more than classmates and neighbors. Attending school in Utah brought them together, so it was only appropriate that a hike up Angels Landing at Zion National Park would set the stage for their engagement.  Sage knew Tad was going to propose because she could see the ring box through a hole in his pocket, but she admitted that she was happy to have a heads up or she would have fallen off of the mountain from excitement and joy!

Sage's family is based in San Diego so the couple opted to have their sealing, or Temple marriage, at the San Diego California Temple in La Jolla, followed by portraits at Marian Bear Park and a reception at Sage's parent's home.

Sage and Tad, I absolutely enjoyed documenting your special day. The sweet interactions between you two make it quite evident how much in love you are, and I hope your New York City honeymoon was amazing! -E

After their grand exit from the Temple, Sage wanted bridal portraits to be at a nature-filled location, and Marian Bear Park was the perfect answer to her request!

Tad is quite the chivalrous guy: throughout our entire photo session, he ensured to always carry the end of Sage's wedding dress to avoid it getting dirty. I loved that he knew this was important to Sage and gladly helped.

I mean, look at him graciously helping his bride down the hill! Tad: an example gentleman! Sage: the sweetest bride! 

To wrap up the day, friends and family gathered at Sage's parents house to celebrate and share in the cutting of this wedding cake topped with a mini-replica of La Jolla's LDS Mormon Temple.

Once again, congratulations Sage and Tad!