"How to keep your terry white" may or may not have been the title of the work seminar where Cassie and Matt would cross paths for the very first time. Yes, 'terry' as in terry cloth, the soft fabric towels and bathrobes are made of. You see, Cassie and Matt both worked in leadership roles for the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, a brand close to my personal heart, at their Santa Barbara and Los Angeles properties in housekeeping and operations, respectively.

This first meeting, however, was not as soft and cuddly as terry cloth: Matt ill advised Cassie of the seminar start time; highly career driven, Cassie arrived late, embarrassed, and was not pleased with the gentleman who interfered with her first impression to company leadership.

Fast forward to a few years later where Cassie had transferred to the hotel brand's Palm Beach, Florida location and ran into Matt at a different work conference. This time was different: she was on time, and Matt was charming, made her laugh, and dare I say, left her thinking about him when they parted ways.

The two stayed in touch and during a weekend visit from Florida to her old stomping grounds in Santa Barbara, Matt was 'coincidently' also going to be two hours north of Los Angeles that same weekend. Read: Matt liked Cassie. He was going to do whatever it took to see this girl during her West Coast visit, and their long distance romance began. Visits to San Diego, where Matt now lived, ensued and California-to-Florida red eye flights resulted in their traditional early morning mimosas on Cassie's balcony. Distance did not prevent these two from falling in love and an engagement prompted Cassie's final cross country flight for their relationship when she made the move to San Diego to be with her new fiancé, Matt.

Cassie, your laugh gets me every single time - it's truly infectious! - and I've adored you to pieces from the day we met. Matt, I admittedly did not know you would bring so much GQ-esque flavor to this engagement session: get it, boy! Thank you for allowing me to capture your love in the first city for you to both call home. xo, Evelyn