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Why have a first look

Why Have a First Look


Why Have a First Look

Wedding days are full of anticipation, with the moment a couple sees each other for the first time being one of, if not THE, biggest anticipated moment between a bride and groom. This once in a lifetime moment happens ether as you, the bride, walk down the isle, or during a first look, where you and the groom privately see other for the first time before the ceremony.

So, to first look, or not to first look? In my experience as a wedding photographer and in understanding my couple's values, I have found great advantages to having a first look.

Have intimate, private time together

My couples highly value intimate moments between them, so a first look allows you to carve out a piece of the day just for you two. I set up the first look in a private space and advise you to take your time. We allotted time scheduled for this part of the day, but I encourage you to take as long as you need together as this may be your only time together to take everything in privately: your excitement, your raw emotions, what you smell, what you hear. This is uninterrupted time to awe at each other and share an embrace, a kiss, maybe even a few tears. 

My second shooter and I will be the only ones there documenting these moments for you, hence why I am a big supporter of couples hiring photographers they like and feel comfortable with to capture one the most intimate moments of their day.

Enjoy cocktail hour with your friends and family

A first look allows for any photos where you are both included to be taken pre-ceremony. This can include your couple's portraits, your entire bridal party, as well as your family portraits. If all, or some, of your photos are taken before the ceremony, you are able to join all of your friends and family during all or the majority of cocktail hour. You will be able to enjoy a glass of champagne and take that selfie with your college girlfriends without being rushed. You have invited your closest friends and family, so you will want to take the time to really enjoy this day with them.

Bonus: even if we have shot your portraits prior to the ceremony, I am always happy to take you out in the evening for more photos during the beautiful light that appears at sunset. 

Look and feel your freshest during your couple's portraits

The moment when you finish putting on your dress is the moment you are ready: you are a bride and you can walk down the isle at that very moment. Your hair and make up will be pristine, so why not see your groom looking and feeling your best and follow it with your portrait session? Every hair will be in place, and you ensure your eye make up stays put in case there are any tears of joy during the ceremony.

Enjoy twice the anticipation

Having a first look allows you to enjoy twice the anticipation on your wedding day: the first being the first look with your groom, the second with all of your friends and family as you walk down the isle. I have seen groom after groom still be very emotionally moved at the alter as he sees his bride walk towards him, even if he saw her earlier. In fact, a first look allows for many grooms to get their emotions out in private with his bride-to-be and be ready for the amazing moment she lights up the room with her presence.

Thinking about a first look and want to chat about it further? Awesome! Contact me here and we can set up a time to connect!