We have all been there: standing in front of our closets, wondering what to wear. It's a random Tuesday with nothing especially crazy-amazing on the agenda, and we struggle to pick something out, so I understand the guidance desired when my couples ask me, "What should we wear to our engagement session?" because this session IS in fact a mometous event!

Think of your engagement session as a special occasion date. This is a time for you both to connect, spend quality time together, and look good while doing it!

Take this opportunity to dress up!

Special occasions call for you to get dressed up! For my brides, a classic, single color cocktail dress and heels is the perfect combination: a shorter dress lets you walk freely, show your feminine side as well as your awesome taste in shoes. For my grooms, a well fitted suit and dress shoes are a match made in heaven. Since it's often warm in Southern California, a crisp, collared shirt works well too: you will look put together and sleek!

Just like with your wedding photos, you will want to look back at your engagement session in a timeless manner and have what you felt in these photographed moments be top of mind. You want these photos to hang on the walls of your home and your families' homes for years to come, not until the trendy outfit you wore goes out of style.

Opt for solid colors that help you both pop amongst any background; it allows the focus of each photograph to be on you! Also, remember to also wear different colors from each other in order for each of you to stand out.

To my ladies who are looking to wear something different than your classic little black dress, I highly recommend Rent the Runway: with thousands of beautiful dresses in stock, that they will send you up to two sizes of each dress for you to wear and send back to them. Easy process and affordably chic!

Remember that you will be photographed from head to toe, so shoes matter. Gentlemen, shine up your dress shoes, and ladies, be cute and comfortable since we will be moving a lot during your session.

What to Wear: Engagement Session | Central Park Engagement

Love your outfit!

I love being a part of the pre-wedding and pre-engagement shoot process with my couples, so it's my pleasure to give you my opinion on wardrobe options. When Chelsea, pictured below, sent me photos of dresses she was considering for her engagement session, she pointed out this white dress and said, "I'm not going to lie: I'm pretty obsessed with it!" THIS reaction, THIS excitement, THIS feeling is what you should have when picking out your engagement session outfit.

Love what you are wearing, feel beautiful (handsome, for my fellas) and confident in what you wear so the only thing you are thinking of is being in the moment.

Have a professional do your hair and make up.

Your engagement session is a special occasion date, so while your outfits will look amazing, you'll want to prioritize your hair and face too! I recommend hiring a professional or your wedding hair and make-up artist to run a wedding day hair and make up trial on your engagement session date. You will have know what to expect on your wedding day as well as look and feel your best in your engagement photos.

And to my grooms, you know that there is nothing more fresh feeling then getting a clean haircut and shave!

So as you plan our your engagement session outfits, or special occasion date as I've dubbed it, check off each item on this check list for the perfect look:

  • Cocktail dress and heels
  • Suit and dress shoes
  • Solid colors
  • Professional hair and make up
  • Fresh hair cut and shave

Remember, I can always be your fashion consultant beforehand if you want to share outfits with me! I can't wait to see you at your engagement session! - Evelyn