Maggie holds Brent's face before she kisses him in the most utterly romantic way - she deeply loves this man! - and Brent smiles from ear to ear when he's close to her. These two wanted to wed with a bit of tradition, a bit of intimacy, yet also a sense of inclusion of all of their friends and family, both near and far. The result: a Jewish wedding ceremony overlooking the San Diego bayside attended only by their absolute inner circle, followed by a fun filled, food and cocktail flowing party at The Pearl for all of their loved ones a few days later. 

Maggie, your love for champagne, the Bachelorette, and absolute kind heart makes me so grateful we crossed paths. Brent, your speech and wonderful words spoken about Maggie had me holding back the tears. The genuine love you two share is so very evident and I'm beyond honored you chose me to document your entire wedding celebration. xo, Evelyn

A few days post ceremony, Maggie and Brent invited all of their friends and family for an amazing party at The Pearl Hotel! Maggie LOVES rose gold, so it was no surprise to see pops of this color throughout the reception's decor!

One of the best part's about having a reception on a different date than the ceremony? New dress, new hair do, and more portraits of Maggie and Brent!

Photography: Evelyn Molina Photography | Rabbi: Rabbi Ian | Hair & Make Up: Jeslin Salon | Reception: The Pearl Hotel