Love is embracing things the person you love holds close to their heart. Sarah loves Easter: springtime, the pastel colors, and flowers have always brought her so much excitement and joy. When the time was right for Martin to propose to Sarah, he tied in her love for this holiday by taking her on an Easter egg hunt for a ring in their apartment. She, of course, said yes!

Martin, once again, embraced one of Sarah's loves at their engagement session: you see, Sarah loves James Coffee Co. in Little Italy. When we decided to have this coffee shop be part of the backdrop for their engagement session, I incorrectly assumed that they both love coffee. No, in fact, Martin doesn't drink coffee but was open to the idea because Sarah beams when he holds her hand and they are recapping their day, and she has her coffee. 

Sarah and Martin, you two are so much fun and the absolute cutest! I love that you are both so thoughtful with each other and I cannot wait to photograph your wedding this fall! I will be multitasking on the dance floor -  jamming out and taking photos at the same time - as that band gets down! xoxo, Evelyn